Floristry Academy Diploma

If you are interested in the world of floristry, or if you’re interested in getting started in this highly lucrative industry, then this online diploma course is for you. We can help you learn the necessary skills to get started in the Flower industry through the online diploma courses we offer.
Floristry Academy Diploma

Course Description

A total of 21 content-filled modules
This fully online course has been designed by industry professionals in order to provide the most relevant and current information available in the floristry industry. The course covers topics that can be applied straightaway to working as a florist, including floristry course introduction, career paths, and the benefits of earning a Diploma in Floristry. This course will provide you with the necessary skills to become a skilled florist and expand the scope of your knowledge. Certification of Professional Development (CPD) has accredited this diploma.

As a professional, you will learn everything you need in this course about the floral industry, starting with the basics of plant biology right through to the steps required to create and manage your very own flower shop. This is the ideal way for you to successfully enter into the florist industry as a professional. You will learn everything you need to know about various aspects of the floral industry through twenty-one modules that are divided into topic-specific modules. To help you get started, each module includes practical advice and step-by-step instructions for the next steps to follow.
Course Benefits
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Course Overview

You will be provided with an official Joseph Skills Academy Certificate upon completion of the course. You will also be able to add your certificate to your CV, and put it on your profile on LinkedIn.

Course duration

It is a 15 hours course.

Course outcome

Once you have completed your will acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful Flourster.

Entry Requirement

No entry requirement.


The pass mark for the test is 70%.

Course Detail

Module 1: Your Introduction to Floristry

Module 2 : Careers in Floristry

Module 3 : What You Need To Know About Flowers and Plants

Module 4 : Services Provided by Florists

Module 5 : How to Process, Store and Maintain Plants

Module 6 : Popular Flowers, Greens & Fillers

Module 7 : Elements and Principles of Design

Module 8 : Flower Design Basics & Styles You Need to Know

Module 9 : How to Make Floral Arrangements

Module 10 : How to Make a Container Arrangement

Module 11 : How to Make an Arrangement for a Vase

Module 12 : How to Make a Hand-tied Bouquet

Module 13 : How to Make a Corsage or Boutonniere

Module 14 : Wedding Flowers

Module 15: How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Module 16: Funeral Flowers

Module 17: How to Make a Funeral Wreath

Module 18: How to Make a Basket Garden & Fruit Basket

Module 19: Getting a Job in the Floristry Industry

Module 20: Starting Your Own Business

Module 21: Getting Customers / Marketing

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