Hair Diploma and Salon Management Certification

Our Hair Diploma and Salon Management course will teach you all the skills, tools and knowledge you need to start a successful salon career. Our Hair Diploma and Salon Management Course covers everything from hair colour, styling, cutting, extensions and much more.
Hairstyling in Hair Salon

Course Description

You are a hairdresser or someone who wants to set up a hair salon, but you don’t know where to start. You can do this. We will help you. The hair industry is competitive and there are plenty of options for those who want to succeed in it. To obtain your professional qualification, you will also need to complete an online course. As well as ensuring that your knowledge is up to date when it comes to today’s trends, the course will also prepare you for the challenges of working in a salon environment as well as giving you the skills necessary to set up your own business later on.

The Joseph Skills Academy Hair Stylist Diploma Course is one of the most comprehensive courses to join in the hair industry today. It will teach you all that you need to know about Hair Styling and how to become a successful Hair Stylist. The course covers all aspects from the history of hair styling, through to practical hands on techniques in the salon environment. You will learn how to cut, colour and give treatments as well as how to present yourself and your salon for clients.

The Hair Diploma and Salon Management course will help you to gain the skills and knowledge to run your own salon. At the end of our online hair diploma, you will be able to run a salon, operate an online business and progress in your career.
Course Benefits
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Course Overview

You will be provided with an official Joseph Skills Academy Certificate upon completion of the course. You will also be able to add your certificate to your CV, and put it on your profile on LinkedIn.

Course duration

It is a 20 hours course.

Course outcome

Once you have completed your will acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful Hair Stylist or start your very own hair salon.

Entry Requirement

No entry requirement.


The pass mark for the test is 70%.

Course Detail

Module 01: Introduction, Career Opportunities and Reasons to Learn Hairdressing

Module 02: History of Hair

Module 03: Job Availability and Working in the UK Hairdressing Industry

Module 04: Anatomy of Hair and Scalp

Module 05: Hair and Scalp Analysis

Module 06: Equipment needed to do Hair

Module 07: Hair Care Products

Module 08 : Client Communications & Consultation

Module 09 : How to Work with different Hair Types

Module 10: Strategies and Ideas for a Successful Salon

Module 11 : Hair Colour and Hair Shape

Module 12: Professional Hair Washing, Shampoo and Conditioning

Module 13: Step-by-Step Hair Styling Techniques

Module 14: Hair Colouring Techniques

Module 15: Hairstyles for Weddings and Special Occasions

Module 16: Hairstyles for Children

Module 17: Hair Up-Styling and Braiding Techniques

Module 18: Everything that you need to know about Hair Extensions

Module 19: Analysing the Pros and Cons of Working in the Hairdressing Industry

Module 20: Head and Scalp Massage

Module 21: Personal Presentation and Hygiene in a Salon

Module 22: Analysing the Pros and Cons of Working in the Hairdressing Industry

Module 23: How to Set Up and Start your Own Salon Business

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