International Massage Diploma

You’re looking to start a career as an international massage therapist. An International Massage Diploma from Joseph Skills Academy will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional massage therapist. Get an industry recognized diploma from Joseph Skills Academy and jumpstart your career.
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Course Description

The International Massage Diploma course is a highly regarded, accredited and internationally recognised qualification. It is a modern massage course that covers techniques that are often taught as part of a range of massage therapy courses. The programme is designed to take students through the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, and hands-on application of advanced theory to clinical practice.

This course is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to work professionally as a massage therapist. You’ll learn advanced massage techniques through a series of video tutorials and completing quizzes. It covers the essential theory, skills and practical applications of massage therapy and is designed to equip you to work as International Massage Therapist.

The International Massage Diploma is the foundation of a successful career as an internationally qualified massage therapist. It’s the first step in becoming a professional, accredited therapist and equips you with the knowledge you need to start your career.

Whether you’re working internationally or just want to improve your skills, this course will help you become a professional massage therapist and set you up for life. Experience the benefits of an international massage diploma course, in your own home, at your convenience. This online course is fully CPD approved.
Course Benefits
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Course Overview

You will be provided with an official Joseph Skills Academy Certificate upon completion of the course. You will also be able to add your certificate to your CV, and put it on your profile on LinkedIn.

Course duration

It is a 20 hours course.

Course outcome

Once you have completed your will acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful International Massage Therapist

Entry Requirement

No entry requirement.


The pass mark for the test is 70%.

Course Detail

Module 1: Introduction to Massage Therapy

Module 2 : The Anatomy

Module 3 : Equipment

Module 4 : Listening Skills

Module 5 : Techniques

Module 6 : Eastern / Indian Head Massage

Module 7 : Facial Massage

Module 8 : Back and Neck Massage

Module 9 : Full Body Massage

Module 10 : Swedish Massage

Module 11 : Sports Massage

Module 12 : Lomi Lomi Massage

Module 13 : Anti-cellulite Massage

Module 14 : Hot Stone Massage

Module 15: Thai Foot Massage

Module 16: Pregnancy Massage

Module 17: Medical Massage / Massage for Special Groups of People

Module 19: Aromatherapy

Module 19: Aromatherapy

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