Medical Secretary Diploma

The Medical Secretary Diploma course offered by Joseph Skills Academy is a progressive course that prepares you for the job of medical secretary. It teaches you how to organize and manage your day-to-day duties, and gives you the step by step instructions on what to do in order to successfully work as a Medical Secretary. Medical secretaries are often asked to take on many different roles and tasks in the office. This course will give you the skills to help you excel in that role. No previous experience is needed to join the course as well as all of our courses are accredited by CPD.
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Course Description

Turn your passion into a profession. The Medical Secretary Diploma is an accredited online course designed to provide the basic knowledge necessary for your future in medical office management and administration. A medical secretary is a medical administrative assistant with specialised knowledge in filing, billing, and record keeping. They also have the ability to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare professionals. If you are looking to work in the healthcare industry but don’t have any previous experience, or if you wish to further your career in this area we’d recommend this course. By studying through our online platform you’ll gain the qualifications required of a professional secretary with minimal of fuss!

Start by enrolling in our Medical Secretary Certification program, and learn how to handle medical procedures with confidence and skill. After you finish, take one of our tests to see if you are ready for the next step.Providing you with a certificate of completion, you will be able to move into one of the most competitive and rewarding careers.

Course Benefits
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Course Overview

You will be provided with an official Joseph Skills Academy Certificate upon completion of the course. You will also be able to add your certificate to your CV, and put it on your profile on LinkedIn.

Course duration

It is a 10 hours course.

Course outcome

Once you have completed your will acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful Medical Secretary.

Entry Requirement

No entry requirement.


The pass mark for the test is 70%.

Course Detail

Module 1: Introduction, Job Role and Responsibilities

Module 2 : How to manage Appointment Scheduling

Module 3 : Filing Systems in Medical Offices

Module 4 : Patient Confidentiality in the Healthcare Industry

Module 5 : Definition, Purpose and Benefits of Medical Records

Module 6 : Understanding Medical Terminology and Jargon

Module 7 : Information Technology and Computer Usage in Healthcare Administration

Module 8 : Information Technology and Computers

Module 9 : Medical Records Management

Module 10 : Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting

Module 11 : Supplies and Inventory Management and Administration

Module 12 : Communication Skills in a Medical Office

Module 13 : Communication Skills in a Medical Office Part II

Module 14 : Law, Medical Services and Ethics

Module 15: Medical (Clinical) Coding, Billing and Important Aspects of Medical Administration

Module 16: Career Information and Prospects

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